Code of Behavior

  • We have no tolerance for alcohol or drug use.
  • We have no tolerance for violence or threatening behavior.
  • We maintain our focus on recovery at all times.
  • We expect all residents to contribute to the expenses of the home.
  • We are a good neighbor and a positive influence in our community.
  • We respect, care for, and are accountable to each other as a family.
  • We strive to act with tolerance and integrity at all times.
  • We are a spiritual community and honor the strengths and weaknesses of each other.
  • We are responsible stewards of our house and property, and our individual health and well being.
  • We manage the funds of the Mary DeVeau Foundation responsibly with the intent that the Mary DeVeau House be self-sustaining.


In the house, each woman is responsible for participating in daily chores, and activities. Each woman is accountable for her whereabouts and activities at all times. Residents support the daily expenses accrued by the house through a modest weekly payment.

12 STEP Participation

Residents engage in a daily 12 STEP recovery program off premises.


  • Residents participate in monthly fellowship dinners at the DeVeau House, along with others in the recovery community. 
  • Residents participate in a nightly 10th-step spiritual inventory

Length of Stay

The recommended length of stay at The Mary DeVeau House is six to twelve months.

Rules and Expectations

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents, rules are strictly enforced. Failure to follow these standards can result in immediate expulsion.

  • No consumption of alcohol, controlled substances, or non-prescribed drug use
  • No possession of alcohol, controlled substances, or non-prescribed drugs
  • No possession of weapons
  • No threats; verbal or physical
  • No acts of violence or fighting
  • No destruction or unauthorized altering of the structure of the Mary Deveau House
  • Comply with alcohol and drug testing
  • No unaccountable times or discrepancies in times off premises
  • No stealing, unusual or suspicious behavior, and any criminal activity
  • No sexual relationships between residents