Code of Behavior

  • We have no tolerance for alcohol or drug use.
  • We have no tolerance for violence or threatening behavior.
  • We maintain our focus on recovery at all times.
  • We expect all residents to contribute to the expenses of the home.
  • We are a good neighbor and a positive influence in our community.
  • We respect, care for, and are accountable to each other as a family.
  • We strive to act with tolerance and integrity at all times.
  • We are a spiritual community and honor the strengths and weaknesses of each other.
  • We are responsible stewards of our house and property, and our individual health and well being.
  • We manage the funds of the Mary DeVeau Foundation responsibly with the intent that the Mary DeVeau House be self-sustaining.

In the house, each woman is responsible for participating in daily sit-down meals, chores, and activities. Each woman is accountable for her whereabouts and activities at all times. Residents support the daily expenses accrued by the house through a modest weekly payment.

Women are encouraged to obtain and hold a full-time job to support herself during her stay. The Mary DeVeau House has resources to provide assistance with this process.

12 STEP Participation
Residents engage in a daily 12-STEP recovery program off premises.

Length of Stay
The recommended length of stay at The Mary DeVeau House is six to twelve months.


Rules and Expectations

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents, rules are strictly enforced. Immediate expulsion will result from any of the following activities:

  • ANY alcohol or non-prescribed drug use
  • Possession of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs
  • Possession of weapons
  • Threats, either verbal or physical
  • Acts of violence or fighting
  • Property destruction or unauthorized altering of physical structure of the Mary DeVeau House or any other property
  • Failure to comply with alcohol and drug testing
  • Unaccountable or discrepancies in times off of premises
  • Stealing, unusual or suspicious behavior, and ANY criminal activity

Accountability and responsibility are critical to healthy recovery.  To foster these qualities, MDH strongly encourages each resident to:

  • Attend at least one 12 step meeting daily
  • Obtain a female sponsor within the first two weeks; submit her name and number to the HM. Residents are not permitted to work with a female sponsor who either works for or is on the board of directors for The Mary Deveau House.
  • Complete chores as assigned
  • Use sign out log when leaving the house
  • Participating in outpatient treatment and medical appointments.  Residents are solely responsible for their physical, emotional and personal wellbeing.
  • Comply with 10 pm curfew unless an extension has been approved by the HM.
  • Have all visitors approved by HM.

When leaving the residence overnight, residents must fill out an overnight information form as well as directly notifying house manager.

Alcohol testing of all residents is conducted on a nightly basis. The Mary Deveau House management reserves the right drug screen any resident at any time. Participation in alcohol and drug testing is mandatory.

Each resident should report to the department of social services within the first week of living here.  This process will help residents with job search, and in cases where the resident is unable to work full time, food stamps can be obtained for the resident.

All residents are expected to obtain employment soon after arriving at The Mary Deveau House.

Residents will submit their schedule to the HM.  Residents will submit a copy of their pay stub to the HM.

Each resident will be responsible for a weekly payment dependent upon the hours worked. For example, residents who work approximately 40hrs/week are expected to make a weekly contribution of $125.00. This payment is only for the room, the resident will be responsible for buying any special food items such as cereals, sodas and snacks.  Basic staples will be provided such as laundry soap and toilet paper.  The resident will be responsible for preparing their own meals.

Management reserves the right to set rent for each resident on an individual basis depending on the client’s needs.

While living at the Mary Deveau House, it is each resident’s responsibility to contribute to household needs. If unable to find a job, a resident may be asked to perform extra chores.

All residents will have the opportunity to meet with the intake coordinator and HM for one on one sessions to discuss short term goals and talk about any issues she may be having in the house; with other residents; difficulty finding work; difficulty with sobriety in general; etc.

All residents are expected to help organize and attend any house scheduled events.

Smoking is allowed on the back porch only. This includes the use of electronic devices or “e cigs”.

Residents are expected to be considerate of each other with respect to noise, light, cleanliness, etc. We take pride in our home; therefore each resident is expected to keep rooms neat at all times.

At any time during a resident’s stay at The Mary Deveau House, the HM may check belongings or search rooms for alcohol, drugs, or weapons.

Upon completing residency at The Mary Deveau House, (whether voluntarily or involuntarily), staff is not responsible for any personal belongings. Personal property may be retrieved from management and only with notice. After 3 days, The Mary Deveau House management may dispose of any personal property left behind